Introduction to Vinter Wheatgrass Receipe

Vision: To build a long lasting chain store business that generates stable income and provides job opportunities to the needed.
Mission: Contribute to the betterment of human health through our affordable and valued for money series of Organic Wheatgrass products.
VWR business concept:
1.The VWR franchise concept is to provide a choice of tasty Healthy Drinks to people of all ages.
2.Combination of 2 categories of products into 1. Apart from selling tasty Healthy Drinks we sell our Organic Wheatgrass series of products to take home for daily consumption at the comfort of home, in the office, conveniently make into a healthy drink in any restaurant just with plain water or enjoy the healthy wheatgrass drink conveniently at any place as long as you carry a bottle of water with you.
3.To create a long term business where your none effort will be rewarded as the repeat sales of our wheatgrass series of products had been proven with very strong repeat sales, not only in Thailand but at all the countries that sell our products.